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Which ex-Yankees should you root for in the Postseason?

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Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Yankees didn’t quite make the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t represented in the Postseason by some former players. This year’s crop might not be the most robust group, but there are a few players of note (Sorry Carlos Beltran) to keep in mind as you root for other teams this October.

Andrew Miller - Cleveland Indians

Every Yankees fan should be rooting for Andrew Miller. He was a reliable piece to the bullpen for two years, and could have been a staple of the team for two more if the Yankees had actually been good. He did his job perfectly, without complaint, and in the end he was sent off in the name of good business. Miller never got what he deserved in New York, but hopefully he can win one out in Cleveland. It will also be great to see him finish off the Red Sox.

Eduardo Nunez - San Francisco Giants

Hi, yes, Eduardo Nunez is an important part of a playoff team in the year 2016. After years of Yankees announcers telling us how much potential Nunez had, he finally stepped up at the age of 29 and turned in a league-average season with the bat. Though he can finally hit some, he’s still the same guy deep down. He still loses his helmet on every play and he’s still a complete weirdo. Maybe you don’t want to root for the Even Year Giants, but you do want to root for Eduardo Nunez. For old times’ sake, if nothing else.

Mark Melancon - Washington Nationals

The Yankees traded him away in an ill-advised deal for Lance Berkman. The move got them nothing, but Melancon flourished into a big-time reliever with the Pittsburgh Pirates before he was shipped off to the Nationals. The 31-year-old righty now serves as the closer for a team one win away from reaching the NLCS. He is part of a Nationals team that is full of young stars like Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Anthony Rendon. He seems like an easy guy to root for.

Russell Martin - Toronto Blue Jays

OK, it’s hard to root for the Blue Jays at this point. Between their tendency to pick fights with everyone and their fans throwing beer cans at players on the field, they are difficult to get behind. However, Russell Martin might bring some form of fan loyalty to the game. When he was on the Yankees, he wasn’t the most adored member of the team. In retrospect, though, keeping Martin might have been better than signing the more expensive Brian McCann. A small few might also like to see him succeed and show the Yankees’ higher ups how wrong they were about him.

Stephen Drew - Washington Nationals

LOL just kidding, you wouldn’t root for Stephen Drew at this point, would you? The Nationals have plenty of cooler players to like, so it’s not like he’s going to attract many fans. I think by now, most Yankees fans fall into one of two camps–those who hate him unendingly, and those who find it hilarious that Stephen Drew was an above-average hitter this year and is now on a playoff roster while the Yankees sit at home.

Aroldis Chapman - Chicago Cubs

For many, it is difficult to root for someone like Aroldis Chapman. As a closer that contributes so little to the team’s overall performance, it can be easier to separate rooting interest from a single player. This could be the Cubs’ best chance to win a World Series over the next 100 years. They have more than enough young, exciting talent to make Chapman irrelevant to your rooting interests.

So, Yankees fans, which former Yankee would you most like to get a ring?