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PSA Comments of the Day 1/4/16: Do you feel it?

Nothing yet in 2016, but if I try hard enough I might be able to get Cashman to make a move.

"Hello, Kunj? Should I make a move now? Is Greg also on board?"
"Hello, Kunj? Should I make a move now? Is Greg also on board?"
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Greg wants to take credit/blame (depending on your personal thoughts on the whole thing) for demanding Cashman do something and the result being a trade for Aroldis Chapman. However, I think it was more of a joint effort, I did write him an open letter and all. So while it was probably me, I'd say Chapman being on the Yankees is on both Greg and myself. While he seems to be in wait and see mode, I find it much more fun when Cashman does things, so I shall continue my request for him to do stuff. It's more exciting, and maybe if only one of us is asking it won't be surrounded with as much controversy. Although, it's probably only fair to point out, as Greg did, that we may not have any real power and it could all just be a coincidence. (This does not seem likely though, I'm pretty sure him and I are magic.)

Comments of the Day

We all love Gardner, yes. But Brantley is better.

Preach it, Matt!

Fitzpatrick may have played well overall this year. But he still remembers his Bills roots. #FITZCEPTION

GIF of the Day

Best reason there is to party.

Honorable Mod Mention

Nikhil wins for his look into Masahiro Tanaka's pitching motion and how it could be causing some of his struggles. Honorable Mentions go to Harlan and Greg for being Bills fans and not having to witness the Bills Bills to the Fitzpatrick-led Jets.

Fun Questions

  • Preferred sock length?
  • What's a hobby that you would be interested in picking up?

Song of the Day

Do You Feel It? by Chaos Chaos

It's Rick and Morty week on Pinstripe Alley. This is a pretty great theme for the week seeing as how I just finished watching the series through for the first time two days ago. This show which is pretty great, also boasts a pretty strong soundtrack which works really well with their episodes. Yesterday, Greg talked about how it feels good. Today, I'm here to ask if you feel it or not? As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread. Football's regular season ended yesterday, if you're a fan of a non-playoff team, are you just happy/relieved that the season's over?