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What will John Sterling's new home run calls be?

Earning a John Sterling home run call is an annual rite of passage for first time Yankees. What cringe-worthy calls will he come up with this year?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Many Yankees hit their first home run in pinstripes last year. For each one of them, John Sterling had a corny home run call ready and waiting. Some were more verbose than others, but rest assured that they were all pretty terrible. So terrible that we can't wait to hear some of them again next year and bask in their awfulness. Here's a look back at those debuts:

"Gregorius has Yankee fans uproarious! Yes in-Didi!" - for Didi Gregorius

"A heat shot from Heathcott!" - for Slade Heathcott

"Rob Refsnyder has Seoul!" - for Rob Refsnyder

"Bye bye Birdie! Here he is, the Birdman of New York!" - for Greg Bird

"Dustin goes bustin'!" - for Dustin Ackley

We also heard these debuts for players no longer on the team:

"Jose Pirela, he's a happy fella!" - for Jose Pirela

"Jones leaves his Garrett!" - for Garrett Jones

With minimal roster change this off-season, there will be fewer new Yankees for Sterling to celebrate. However, he will no doubt come up with a gem for each one of them. Some of the calls will be short and painful, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Others will be so obscure that only Suzyn may get them.

Will Starlin Castro's call simply reference the stars?

Will Aaron Hicks carry a big stick?

When Aaron Judge makes his debut, might we hear cries of "Here come the Judge"?

If Gary Sanchez goes yard will it inspire Sterling to belt out the "Gary, Indiana" tune from The Music Man?


Which newcomer do you think will get the most cringe-inducing home run call? Let us know in the poll below and put your call predictions in the comments.