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PSA Comments of the Day 9/26/15: That didn't go as planned

CC Sabathia, while not pitching his best game, pitched well enough. The Yankees offense did not hit well enough though, and thus they lost.

I'm sure the offense will pick me up.
I'm sure the offense will pick me up.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Not much to say about last night's game. CC Sabathia pitched well enough. The offense just couldn't stop hitting into costly double plays, and thus the Yankees lost to the White Sox. Adam Warren will get the start in today's afternoon game. A lot of teams are already clinching their own postseason berths. It would be nice for the Yankees to join them in the coming week. Beating teams like the White Sox will definitely help in this goal.

Comments of the Day

Does anyone else find it out to complain about the Yankees relying on too many home runs when the Blue Jays, the team in front of us in the standings, hits a lot of home runs? If anything, perhaps more Yankees dingers and less Blue Jays dingers would have helped them beat the Blue Jays in the first place for first place.


What an iconic image.

One day the Yankees will see the error of Cashman's ways. You know, when they stop having winning seasons perhaps.

GIF of the Day


Honorable Mod Mention

I suppose Caitlin does, even though she jinxed her own jinx with a reverse jinx!

Fun Questions

  • The new wild card format. Like or dislike and why?
  • Construct your ideal hero/hoagie/sub for us

Song of the Day

Hurt by Johnny Cash

It's Cover Songs Week on Pinstripe Alley. Today's cover song comes from music legend Johnny Cash, who covers this songs from Nine Inch Nails. What a fantastic version of this song. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of Warren. Or the Hogs of Warren. Just not the Pogs of Warren, cause that would be silly.

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