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New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays: Ivan Nova vs. Marcus Stroman

This is the most important game of the year so far.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game felt like playoff baseball, didn't it? The Yankees won that game by a score of 6-4 in ten innings, largely due to Greg Bird's three-run home run in the tenth. I really didn't think they would pull that one out, but they miraculously did. Now, they have one more obstacle. Taking two out of three from the Blue Jays would bring them within a game and a half of first place, and one game back in the loss column. It's still unlikely they catch the Blue Jays, but a loss here would likely seal the deal much earlier. A win tomorrow as well would bring the Yankees within one game, and a four-game series against the White Sox at Yankee Stadium is the perfect opportunity to bank some "expected" wins. Today, though, is huge.

The lineup is exactly the same as last night's, and that's not a shocker. Joe Girardi likely thinks this is his best lineup, and there's obviously no sense in giving off days on the most important game of the year thus far. All hands are on deck. Ivan Nova will face off against Marcus Stroman, and this is Nova's most important start of the year. Let's have Good Nova tonight, please. Stroman has two starts this season after recovering from what should have been a season-ending ACL injury, and I would probably be rooting for him if he wasn't playing on the Blue Jays. This guy is back and he is fantastic, and they need to make him work.

Win this one for Yogi.

Today's Lineups

Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Ben Revere - LF
Brett Gardner - LF Josh Donaldson - 3B
Alex Rodriguez - DH Jose Bautista - RF
Brian McCann - C Edwin Encarnacion - DH
Carlos Beltran - RF Justin Smoak - 1B
Greg Bird - 1B Russell Martin - C
Chase Headley - 3B Ryan Goins - SS
Dustin Ackley - 2B Kevin Pillar - CF
Didi Gregorius - SS Darwin Barney - 2B
Ivan Nova - RHP Marcus Stroman - RHP