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PSA Comments of the Day 9/20/15: Subway Series Sunday starring Sabathia

The Yankees and the Mets will face off tonight in the rubber game of this three game series. Yes, tonight. Because why would it not be an ESPN game?

New York is THAT WAY!
New York is THAT WAY!
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Just like the first Subway Series at Yankee Stadium earlier in the year, this Citi Field Subway Series will be decided by a Sunday night ESPN game. You know, because of course it will be. Ah well, there's no Curt Schilling in the booth at the very least. In any case, it's amazing what has transpired for both teams since the first series between the Yankees and the Mets. We here at Pinstripe Alley would like to let it be known that our new intern/coffee fetcher Anthony E. Lope has gone over the data and determined that the Yankees will at least split this year's Subway Series with the Mets. If they win tonight, they will have taken four games out of six from them. Not that this really matters of course. Our primary concern are the Blue Jays and the Wild Card teams behind us. That is the primary reason why it is important the Yankees win this series against the Mets.

Comments of the Day

At least he Beltried.

Carlos Beltran is hitting the ball well.


Ltl McCann and McDid call that Brian McCann dinger.

GIF of the Day

You've all made a powerful enemy today.

Greg Bird would be the Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start of Angry Birds


Honorable Mod Mention

I can tell you that Martin did NOT win the HMM award. Not at all.

Fun Questions

  • Favorite preparation of pork besides bacon?
  • To make up for the lack of bacon above, which do you like better? Thin bacon or thick bacon?

Song of the Day

Sound and Music by Beck

It's Cover Songs Week on Pinstripe Alley. This week will feature cover songs galore. Today's entry is Beck covering David Bowie's classic Sound and Music. (It doesn't really get started until the 2:00 mark, if you want to skip ahead). As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. CC Sabathia will take the mound tonight for the Yankees. With his new knee brace, he has seemed like the Sabathia of old lately. Here's hoping it continues, as he will be facing the excellent and controversial Matt Harvey.

go yankees go baseball waiting for the gift of sound and vision