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PSA Comments of the Day 9/19/15: Weekend subway service

There's a chance the 7 train isn't running between Manhattan and Queens right now. Perhaps the Triboro Bridge is the best way to go.

I miss the good Chasen Shreve
I miss the good Chasen Shreve
Al Bello/Getty Images

I shouldn't joke about the 7 Train, as it was just rated as the best train in the city. Anyone who takes the 7 regularly will probably find that hard to believe. On the other hand, they just opened up the 34th street and 11th Avenue station, which is going to make my trip to the New York Comic Con a whole lot easier in a few weeks.

If you've noticed that I'm not talking much about the game, you are correct. The Yankees lost to the Mets last night and lost ground to the Blue Jays, who defeated the Red Sox. The offense could not overcome the dangerous Mets pitching staff and Chasen Shreve continues his spiral downward into "never in close situations" status. There are some positives from last night though. Once again, Masahiro Tanaka looked pretty brilliant. Just two mistakes, but overall a pretty decent outing that most Yankee fans will take any day. While the Yankees lost ground for the AL East division lead, they did not lose any ground on the Wild Card front as both the Astros and Rangers lost yesterday. The Twins and the Angels were postponed due to rain. Small favors, but I'm sure we'll take it.

Comments of the Day

A classic PSA meme.

Where does the mind go?

GIF of the Day

kshah is doing the work of the angels.


Honorable Mod Mention

Andrew wins the HMM. Putting up with the Game Thread and then writing the recap was very honorable of him.

Fun Questions

  • How late do you normally stay awake until?
  • Coolest title for the leader of a country?

Song of the Day

Survivor by Destiny's Child

It's Comeback Week on Pinstripe Alley. I figure I'd end this week with something newer. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Michael Pineda takes the mound in game two of this three game series. We could definitely use a substantial start from him today.

go yankees go baseball i'm gonna make it