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Tonight's game postponed; single admission doubleheader scheduled for Saturday

Well, that's no fun.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Severino was supposed to take on David Price for an incredibly important game against the Blue Jays, but it'll have to wait. Tonight's game will be postponed because of the weather, and the series will start tomorrow. Tonight's game will be pushed to Saturday, where there will be a single admission doubleheader. The rotation will be as follows: Luis Severino will pitch on Friday. Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda will pitch on Saturday, Tanaka will pitch on Sunday, and then CC Sabathia will face the Rays on Monday.

So, that'll do it for Yankees stuff tonight. Catch up on some sleep, finish up some shows on your DVR, or (and this is the best option) join us on the Comments of the Day page. We'll be talking all things Yankee and shoe-related.

Tomorrow's game will start at 7:05 PM EST, and you'll be able to catch it on YES or