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PSA Comments of the Day 8/16/15: Severino goes for the sweep

Masahiro Tanaka pitched an absolute gem yesterday as the Yankees defeated the Blue Jays. They have guaranteed a series victory. Now Luis Severino will hopefully lead the Yankees to a series sweep.

Hugs are nice
Hugs are nice
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
There are few words to describe how great a win yesterday was for the Yankees. Unless you have not been paying attention to baseball this year, the Blue Jays lineup is no pushover. Masahiro Tanaka held them to one run and five hits, pitching a complete game. Many a discussion has been raised about how the Yankee starters need to give more than five to six inning performances. This series has shown they can do just that. With Ivan Nova on Friday and Tanaka yesterday afternoon, the bullpen has received some well deserved time off. Luis Severino will hopefully try and see that they are not needed this afternoon as the Yankees go for the series sweep over Toronto. It would make their flight back to New York a lot more enjoyable.

Comments of the Day

It has been shown.

Carlos Beltran has risen. Beware.

Bases loaded and nobody out with the heart of the Blue Jays order. Tanaka only gave up one run. Amazing.

I don't know if Stephen Drew could sell me on anything.

Hahaha, wow.


Greg Bird!

Baseball is a funny sport like that.

Higgy has witnessed two gems. I'm envious.


GIF of the Day

Mark Teixeira, ladies and gentlemen.

Exciting things are happening.

Greg Bird!

That's how funny many "No-se Reyes" comment was!


Honorable Mod Mention

Nikhil earns the HMM award for his article about staying positive. Well done.

Fun Questions

  • The Gazebo: do you have one or have you ever wanted one?
  • If the Rays moved to Montreal and became the new Expos, how big do you feel that rivalry would be?

Song of the Day

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

This week's SOTD theme is Flashback to the 2000s. All songs this week will come from the 2000s. A treat for some of our younger, non-ancient members of Pinstripe Alley. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. The Yankees send Luis Severino to the mound as they attempt to sweep the Blue Jays. Please do.

go yankees go baseball take me out