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MLB trade rumors: Yankees rejected Gary Sanchez for Cameron Maybin trade

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees neglected to make a deal on deadline day, but that doesn't mean they were idle on July 31st. From the rumors that were circulating, we can tell Brian Cashman was making all the calls he could in order to improve the team, but the thing is that other teams were doing the same thing to the Yankees. The Atlanta Braves have long been said to be looking for a young catcher in which they can entrust their future to. On deadline day, Atlanta suggested a trade that would have them acquiring Yankees catching prospect Gary Sanchez in exchange for center fielder Cameron Maybin. Obviously, Cashman rejected such an offer.

While Maybin is having his first above-average offensive season in three years (.274/.335/.386), an outfielder, especially one of his profile, is not something the Yankees are in need of. New York already has Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner–both of whom are better fielders than Maybin–as well Carlos Beltran and Chris Young–who have the superior bats. The right-handed Maybin might have been an additional weapon against left-handed pitching, but Young's success this year and Cashman's acquisition of Dustin Ackely, made this deal unhelpful to the Yankees.

Cashman might not consider Gary Sanchez to be in the same tier as Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Greg Bird, and Jorge Mateo, but he's certainly worth more than a simple platoon bat. Over the last month, Sanchez has hit .313/.402/.639 with six home runs, 13 walks, and 10 strikeouts. If this is the offensive breakout the Yankees have been waiting for, it might be a good idea to hold onto him until his value has peaked. Maybin, meanwhile, is due the pro-rated portion of his $7 million 2015 salary, as well as $8 million in 2016, and can be bought of his his 2017 $9 million contract with a $1 million buyout.

Essentially, this deal made absolutely no sense for the Yankees. If the Braves really want Sanchez then they'll have to include some of the young pitching they have been hoarding over the last year. Keep these talks in mind for the offseason because it wouldn't be surprising to see the Braves make a better attempt at acquiring the young catcher when both teams have time to assess their assets.