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What's your favorite Yankees All-Star Game memory?

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Surely you haven't forgotten Steve Sax's start in 1990.

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The All-Star Game is an interesting thing. In its current status, it's a glorified exhibition that for some reason means something. Anyway, I'm getting away from the point. There is a Yankee at the All-Star Game every season. For the past 20 or so years, it's been because the Yankees are good and have had good players deserving of the recognition. But even if they weren't good, they would still get representation. Having someone at the game every year leads to some fun memories for a lot a teams' fans every year. The Yankees are no exception.

Q: The All-Star Game is next Tuesday. What is your favorite Yankee All-Star Game memory?

Greg P.

Jeter's final All-Star Game.

Greg K.

I don't remember the exact moment or what All Star Game it was, but I've always loved the story that Joe Torre told from one of the All Star Games back during the dynasty era. One of the players came over to Torre in the 8th inning and asked "Hey, everything alright?" Torre responded "Well, I could use some more insurance runs!" to which the player asked, "You're bringing in Mo right?" Torre said "Yeah" and the player laughed and said "Yeah....we'll be fine!"

I hope someone can clarify when that took place, cause that's definitely my favorite All Star Game moment. A runner up is probably Mo's final ASG. That was really touching. Although, Jeter getting two hits in his final ASG was pretty awesome.


It's not so much a single memory as it is Mariano Rivera's all-star work as a whole. Mo pitched 9 innings over 9 All-Star appearances allowing no runs, no walks and 5 hits against supposedly the best the NL had to offer. More than that it was a constant show of how much the rest of the league respected him. No matter who was managing, if the AL had a lead in the 9th, Rivera was the guy who'd shut the door.


Mo's 2013 farewell appearance at Citi Field has to be a highlight, though I wish I could have witnessed the surely enormous hand Scott Sanderson must have received at the 1991 All-Star Game.


Definitely Mo at the 2013 All Star Game. Just a great moment in front of the (kind of) home New York crowd. People got mad at Jim Leyland for putting him in for the 8th but there was always the chance that Joe Nathan could've blown the lead. What if Joe Nathan just never forgot that and promised to sabotage the Tigers?


I think I'd have to go with Mo trotting out to Enter Sandman in 2013 at Citi Field. In an otherwise boring game he got a standing ovation from everybody in attendance, including the players. As he was wont to do, he retired the side in order after an understated reaction. Despite not even getting the save, he was named MVP of the game.

Matt F.

As you can see, there was one overwhelmingly popular answer, and quite frankly I have to add my name to that list. There's just nothing that can top that one for me. Mo is my all-time favorite Yankee and that moment was just gloriously wonderful. Quite frankly, I didn't remember that Mo pitched the eighth and that Joe Nathan pitched the ninth until the answers started coming in for this question. If you still want to be upset with Leyland for that, I'm not gonna tell you otherwise, but that moment still stands up two years later and for me, it still stands up as the best Yankee All-Star Game moment.

Those are our answers and now we want to hear from you. Do you have any other great Yankee All-Star Game memories?