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PSA Comments of the Day 7/8/15: We need some water

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The Yankees have faced the Athletics five times this year. They have only won one game out of those five. That is not ideal.

I think this is how we all feel right now
I think this is how we all feel right now
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The above tweet is a classic case of the "half full or half empty" debate. Sure, the Yankees are losing to bad teams. They're still beating good teams though. Even with the second wildcard, odds are you will face good teams in the playoffs rather than bad teams. So it's good to beat good teams. On the other hand, you need to get to the playoffs and not beating bad teams during the regular season is bad. The bottom line is that the Yankees have played the Athletics, the current worst team in the American League, a total of five times and they have won only one game out of those five. That is not ideal. That glass is neither half full nor half empty. It just has bleach in it instead of water, soda, booze, or any other drinkable liquid. Hopefully CC Sabathia and the offense can win tonight and fill said glass with water. Delicious, drinkable, victorious water.

Comments of the Day

Go Notes are back.


I think it's time we stop and consider how dangerous being a grounds crew member really is. Perhaps the YMCA thing they do at Yankee Stadium is just a code for "HELP US" or something.

This comment could also apply to the man-swallowing tarp wave up above.

Hashtag Refsnyder4NYY.

GIF of the Day


Honorable Mod Mention

Tanya made this last night. It earns her the HMM award. Do what she says and vote for Brett Gardner.

Fun Questions

  • Humidity: the worst thing ever or the worst thing ever? Follow up question, what is your ideal temperature?
  • Who is going to hit a home run tonight for the Yankees? You get to choose only one player.

Song of the Day

Ready To Go by Republica

It's Jock Jams week on Pinstripe Alley. I could be wrong when I say this, but this was an underrated pop song from the 90's. Feel free to check the billboard charts to prove me wrong. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Again, we could use a glass of water tonight from CC Sabathia and the offense. Please give us water.

go yankees go baseball on the rooftops shout it out