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MLB trade rumors: Yankees pursuing Aroldis Chapman, Carter Capps

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Johnny Cueto, David Price, Cole Hamels, and Mike Leake are all off the board, the Yankees have turned their attention to possibly upgrading the bullpen. They have been focusing on Padres closer Craig Kimbrel, but with San Diego's insistence that Jorge Mateo be included in the trade, Brian Cashman might be looking elsewhere. Two alternatives they are currently looking into are Aroldis Chapman of the Reds and Carter Capps of the Marlins.

Chapman, of course, is known for his 100 mph fastball that makes him incredibly hard to hit against. The right-hander has a 1.65 ERA and 1.57 FIP in 43.2 innings and is due for one more year of arbitration before he hits the free agent market after the 2016 season. Many have speculated that if the Yankees go with a deal for Chapman, it could also include them taking on much of Brandon Phillips' remaining contract, but he has yet to be linked to any rumors at the moment.

Carter Capps, on the other hand, would easily fit into a middle relief role and could be a target that makes more sense for the Yankees. He's been dominate with a 1.21 ERA and 0.99 FIP in 29.2 innings this year, due at least partly to his quirky delivery where he essentially jumps and slides off the mound in a move that is borderline illegal. He's under team control through the 2018 season and could allow them to move Adam Warren back into the rotation to replace an injured Michael Pineda.

Of course, much of this could simply be posturing as an attempt to get the Padres to agree to a Kimbrel deal on their terms. We will likely hear a lot of back and forth in the coming hours before any deal for a relief pitcher is made. After all, unless one of these trades is for a package that includes a starting pitcher, all this might just be contingency planning.