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New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Masahiro Tanaka vs. Chris Archer

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Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees take on one of the best young pitchers in baseball.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

If there is a game for Masahiro Tanaka to turn it around, it's tonight. The Yankees are taking on the Rays for a three-game series at Yankee Stadium, and this first game will feature the best pitcher on the Rays' staff, Chris Archer. Archer owns a 2.31 ERA, 2.46 FIP, and 2.38 DRA, and by all of these three measures is one of the best starters in baseball. The Yankees have their work cut out for them.

There's nothing special in this lineup; the only thing that is notable is that the outfield depth is running thin with Carlos Beltran heading to the disabled list. Now, the Yankees are forced to play Garrett Jones in right field. Luckily he has a platoon advantage. Chris Young has to play against right-handers, and Stephen Drew continues to play in major league baseball games. Oh, and Grady Sizemore is leading off for the Rays. That's baseball for you!

Today's Lineups

Grady Sizemore - DH Brett Gardner - CF
Joey Butler - RF Chase Headley - 3B
Evan Longoria - 3B Alex Rodriguez - DH
James Loney - 1B Mark Teixeira - 1B
Logan Forsythe - 2B Brian McCann - C
David DeJesus - LF Garrett Jones - RF
Asdrubal Cabrera - SS Chris Young - LF
Kevin Kiermaier - CF Didi Gregorius - SS
Rene Rivera - C Stephen Drew - 2B
Chris Archer - RHP Masahiro Tanaka - RHP