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PSA Comments of the Day 7/3/15: Tied the leader

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The Yankees had an off day yesterday, yet still gained ground in the AL East due to the Orioles losing. The Bronx Bombers are back in first place, which totally matters on July 3rd. Now they face the Rays.

Sources confirm: Tanaka has telekinetic abilities
Sources confirm: Tanaka has telekinetic abilities
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

After a kind of average/slightly meh road trip, the Bronx Bombers are back in the Bronx. They are also back in first place in the AL East due to the Orioles losing to the Rangers last night. Baseball is funny like that. Of course, this totally matters on July 3rd. That is why it is important that the Yankees beat the Rays in this three game series starting tonight. It's possibly more important that Masahiro Tanaka have a nice bounce back start after his two previous outings which were not good, hence the whole "bounce back start" thing. Opposing Tanaka will be Chris Archer, who as you may or may not know is pretty good at this whole pitching thing.

Comments of the Day

Dellin Betances is very good.

Damn kids with your weird music and funky dress style.

GIF of the Day

There were no GIFs yesterday. This is sad.

Honorable Mod Mention

There was little honor to be had yesterday. Off days are like that.

Fun Questions

  • What is your favorite kind of dip? (Cheese, salsa, guac, etc.)
  • What will tonight's final score be?

Song of the Day

Hymn To The Sea from Titanic by James Horner

It is James Horner week on Pinstripe Alley. This is the soundtrack that finally won James Horner an Academy Award and probably the body of work that most people would recognize Horner for. You know, being that Titanic was one of the most popular movies of a generation. Despite whatever feelings you might have towards the movie itself, it's still a pretty beautiful score. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. It's Tanaka Time in the Bronx. They've already won one game in the month of July. I see no reason for them to stop.

go yankees go baseball i'll never let go