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Yankees 2, Rangers 5: Off night for Masahiro Tanaka and offense results in a loss

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Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees' offense did not have much tonight, as they lose 5-2 to the Rangers.

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Yesterday, the Yankees' offense scored twenty one runs. Tonight, they could not manage more than two as they drop the third game of this four game series.

The game started off well enough. After an easy inning from Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees managed to score two runs in the top of the 2nd inning via a home run from Carlos Beltran and an RBI single from Jacoby Ellsbury. Definitely not quite as enjoyable as the 2nd inning from yesterday where they scored eleven. Those two lone runs would be all that they would score tonight. In a cruel or somewhat hilarious twist of fate, our best hitter tonight was Stephen Drew. That might tell you all you need to know about this game. Colby Lewis didn't have his best stuff tonight for the Rangers, giving up seven hits over six innings. However, he struck out five, walked no one, and limited the damage to just the 2nd inning. The Rangers bullpen did the rest.

On a good day, two runs can be all Masahiro Tanaka needs to win a ballgame. Tonight was not a good day for him though. After a nice pick off move to first base in a quick 1st inning, his command struggled for the rest of the game. He fell behind in the count a lot tonight and his pitches had little movement. Tanaka only lasted six innings, giving up four runs and nine hits while striking out three and walking three. Definitely a step down after his last superb start. Chasen Shreve continued his excellent work and Caleb Cotham made his major league debut tonight in relief. He was impressive in his 1.2 innings of work, only allowing two hits and striking out four batters. He did not get much help from the defense tonight, as Didi Gregorius botched what should have been an easy double play to end the inning. Chase Headley also had an error on that night.

Despite Tanaka's start, four runs is definitely not an insurmountable lead for this offense as we've seen on this road trip. The offense just did not have it tonight. If you want a positive note, this is only the sixth game they've lost in the month of July and they will still go for their seventh straight series victory tomorrow at 8PM EST. Michael Pineda will face off against Yovani Gallardo in the final game of this four game series.

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