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Yankees call up Nick Goody, option Branden Pinder, designate Gregorio Petit for assignment

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The Yankees have made another roster move today, calling up reliever Nick Goody from Triple-A in order to get a fresh arm in the bullpen. The corresponding move was to option Branden Pinder back down to the minor leagues and designate Gregorio Petit for assignment.

Goody has seemingly gone on to recover from 2012 Tommy john surgery after dominating Double-A with a 1.73 ERA, 2.18 FIP, and 12.74 K/9 in 41.2 innings this year. He was moved up to Triple-A only a few weeks ago and now he finds himself up in the big leagues. Pinder hasn't been used much in his major league career and hasn't shown up in many high-leverage situations, so bringing up Goody could give the Yankees another closer-level reliever to pitch the sixth and seventh innings.

The most interesting thing about this move is how it affects the team going into the trade deadline. There was no room for Petit with Stephen Drew, Brendan Ryan, and Rob Refsnyder all on the 40-man roster, so his expulsion, despite Brian Cashman's desire to "keep all assets" before the deadline, could mean that they don't plan to lose any of the depth they already have. Of course, it could also mean the opposite and maybe they are fine with dumping some of their extra infielders when Refsnyder gets brought back up after the deadline.

The addition of Goody could also mean that the team is not interested in the likes of Tyler Clippard, Jonathan Papelbon, and Craig Kimbrel, since it doesn't make sense to make all these moves, start Goody's clock, and then make a trade for a reliever and send someone down. Of course, it could also mean that Adam Warren will either be on the move or put back in the rotation in place of someone. Who really knows.

As we inch closer to the deadline, every roster move is going to get the closest of examination to see if it means anything for the organization going forward. This could mean a lot or it could mean nothing and Goody could simply be the next in line among all the other relievers that have made their major league debut with the Yankees this year. We'll just have to wait and see.