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Would you fight one Betances-sized Drew or 10 Drew-sized Dellins?

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Answer this very important question in the comments.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

June has ended and it was a relatively neutral month for the Yankees. It wasn't as good as April, but it was way better than May. Add in the fact that one of the biggest talking points in all of baseball right now is All-Star voting, it's safe to say there's not a ton going on for the Yankees right now. So, this week, I thought I'd get a little weird and ask the PSA staff a different type of question.

Q: It was a relatively uninteresting week for the Yankees, so would you rather fight one Dellin Betances-sized Stephen Drew or ten Stephen Drew-sized Dellin Betances?


One Betances-sized Stephen Drew because if he tries to swing at me there's only a 17% chance he hits me *high-fives self*

Greg P.

Definitely the Dellin Betances-sized Drew.


I would just laugh at Dellin-sized Drew. Ten Drew-sized Betances would bludgeon you with a firing squad of 99mph fastballs.

Greg K.

Definitely gonna go with one Dellin-sized Stephen Drew. Whether Dellin-sized or Drew-sized, I'm so positive in Drew's inability to hit that I think I'll be fine.


I would rather fight the ten Stephen Drew-sized Betances (Betanceses? Betanci?). Dellin seems too good-natured to do any serious damage, even if there were ten of him. Meanwhile, Drew has somehow convinced teams to pay him nearly $20 million over the past two years, so I have to imagine he's pretty intimidating when he puts his mind to it. Putting that in a 6'8 package would be dangerous.


I've got to go with one Dellin Betances-sized Stephen Drew. He may be big, but chances are that he will swing and miss whenever he winds up to punch. Sure, there may be some instances where he'll land two punches in one sequence, but I like my chances in that fight.

Matt F.

A bunch of smaller Dellin Betances would somewhat decrease the intimidating physical nature of Dellin, but I think they still would be able to throw things very hard. A big Stephen Drew would probably have more power than current Drew, should he connect, but as Nikhil mentioned, Drew has a bit of a problem connecting with things. Considering his number of home runs this season, there's a chance he could really do some damage, but I'll take my chances that in this fight he does the equivalent of popping up to second.

So, uh, those are our answers and now we want to hear from you. Tell us who you would rather fight.