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New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners: Michael Pineda vs. Hisashi Iwakuma

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Big Mike takes the mound in his first start of the second half as the Yankees try to win the series against Seattle.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees will take on the Seattle Mariners today as they try to win their first two games (and therefore their first series) of the second half. After an ugly outing on June 22 (eight earned runs in just over three innings), Pineda regained his impressive form in his final three starts of the first half, surrendering just three runs in 21.2 innings. Hisashi Iwakuma has struggled to stay healthy this year, but he was one of the better pitchers in the American League last year, posting a 3.25 FIP over 179 innings. Let's hope he struggles to find that form today, and that the Yankees can continue to add to their division league.

Today's Lineups

Brad Miller - SS Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
Kyle Seager - 3B Brett Gardner - LF
Robinson Cano - 2B Alex Rodriguez - DH
Nelson Cruz - RF Mark Teixeira - 1B
Seth Smith - LF Brian McCann - C
Austin Jackson - CF Chase Headley - 3B
Mark Trumbo - DH Garrett Jones - RF
Logan Morrison - 1B Didi Gregorius - SS
Mike Zunino - C Rob Refsnyder - 2B
Hisashi Iwakuma - RHP Michael Pineda - RHP