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What are you looking forward to in the Yankees' second half of the season?

Yankees are in first place and it's July. This is fun.

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The All-Star break is over and the second half of the season is here. The Yankees had a pretty eventful first half, and considering the Yankees' placement in the standings, the second half is on track to be interesting too. Not to mention tthe story lines coming into play, with others likely to develop along the way. I thought I'd ask the PSA staff what they're interested in seeing over the next couple months.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the second half of the season?


Postseason race!

Also, though, I'd love to see Chase Headley rebound into something more like the Yankees were paying for. That and Rob Refsnyder solidifying his hold on the starting second base role, by more than the default of not being Stephen Drew.

Greg P.

After Refsnyder's debut, it's hard not to pick him, but the trade deadline will probably interrupt with my sleep schedule the most (until the playoffs). So, with that being said, I'll say A-Rod.

Greg K.

You may be surprised to hear this, but I am looking forward to watching Brett Gardner play the game of baseball. The Gritty Gutty All-Star Brett Gardner is having a career year, so I am giddy to see if he can continue that going forward. Also, you cannot help but be excited at Rob Refsnyder being called up to the major leagues and seeing what he can do. Here's hoping he gets some legit playing time to see what he can do.


The next generation of Yankees are almost here, and it's very exciting to watch. Rob Refsnyder is already in the bigs, Luis Severino could start this season, and Mason Williams and/or Slade Heathcott could prove a major spark off the bench. It's good to see things finally looking up in the Yankees' farm system.


I'm really looking forward to see if A-Rod can keep up the torrid pace he set in the first half. I know he hasn't played a full season's worth of games in quite some time, but the DH-specific role should keep his stamina up. Plus it's always difficult to count out inner circle Hall of Fame caliber talent.


What I'm most looking forward to in the second half is the debut of Luis Severino. I know some scouting reports say he's bound to be in the bullpen for life, but the guy is mowing down AAA hitters. I'm hoping for some rainouts, which will lead to double headers, which will mean the Yankees need to call up a spot starter a couple of times. I think if anyone other than Severino gets those calls, the Yankees are nuts. I want to see Luis pitching 6 innings, 1 run on 4 hits, 7 Ks in his major league debut. Sometime in August. How about it?


Pennant race baseball. The last couple of years the Yankees have been on the outskirts of the AL East and Wildcard races, not in the middle of them. With so many teams in the AL still involved and the Yankees playing reasonably well, it should be a couple of months where every game means a lot.


For this second half, I really want to see Refsnyder stick around. Sure, there are many other second-half storylines, like if CC Sabathia can get back on track, or if Didi Gregorius can keep up his current pace, but I want to see if there is a new regime coming to second base this year. I'm hoping the Refsnyder call-up wasn't just a, "Let's see what the kid's got," kind of move. I hope Girardi and Cashman clearly see that the Stephen Drew Era needs to officially end, and I look forward to how they deal with that.

Matt F.

For me, it's a combinations of what most everyone else said: to see if Rob Refsnyder can add something to this team as they compete for a playoff spot. I've generally enjoyed this season's team for the most part, and having him up for the last couple games before the break only added to the fun. I'm really hopeful he sticks around. I'm not expecting him to be a great player, but it'll be nice to see if adding in a young prospect to the mix can help this team continue winning.

That's what we all had to say and now we want to hear from you. What are you most looking forward to in the second half of the season?