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Sporcle Quiz: Can you name every Yankee to ever make an All-Star team?

There have been 122 Yankees to be named to the AL All-Star team. How many can you name?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Major League Baseball's 86th All-Star Game will be tonight in Cincinnati, and there will be three Yankees in attendance, including one first-time All-Star. The Yankees have obviously been around since the very first All-Star Game in 1933 and since they've been so successful, they have sent 122 different players to the festivities in their franchise history. Some of the names are extremely obvious, but others are so obscure that I might actually be a little concerned if you know who they are.

Nonetheless, I saw Amazin' Avenue post a Sporcle quiz asking Mets fans to name as many All-Stars as they can, so I thought it would be fun to create a similar quiz for the Yankees. Don't be lame and cheat--see how many players you can name and share your results! You might surprise yourself.