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Yankees Roster Moves: NYY calling up Taylor Dugas to replace injured Carlos Beltran

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Carlos Beltran left last night's game against the Los Angeles Angels with what ended up being a rib cage strain. The right fielder went out of his way to say that he didn't think he'd need to go on the disabled list, but less than 24 hours and the Yankees already appear to be making a corresponding roster move:

Dugas, for those who don't know him is a 25-year-old outfield prospect, who is currently hitting .200/.321/.243 after spending some time up at Triple-A for the first time. He's not exactly lighting the world on fire, but his claim to prospect fame is his ability to work walks and get on base. He's had a walk-rate over 10% every year at every level and he's rated as a strong fielder capable of playing all three outfield positions.

While it's nice to see Dugas, who was doesn't look to have much of a future in the majors, get a chance, it's odd considering who they passed over to give him a shot. To bring Dugas up, the Yankees will have to make a 40-man roster move. Ramon Flores is on the 40 and available to replace Beltran if the veteran is being put on the disabled list. It also might have even made more sense to bring up Tyler Austin, despite his poor season, or Ben Gamel, who might not be much of a prospect, but is having the best offensive season of his career in Triple-A with a .288/.352/.431 batting line.

Regardless of who they called up, there doesn't seem to be much of a role available to them right now, other than a reserve spot on the bench. Beltran isn't necessarily going to the DL just yet, Mason Williams should be returning very soon and Jacoby Ellsbury in the middle of his rehab. If a more long-term option is needed, Flores might be up with the big league team before too long.