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PSA Comments of the Day 6/25/15: Astronomy 101

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The 2015 Yankees love entropy, and they're headed to the Entropy Capital of the World.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Entropy is an ongoing theme in baseball, especially when we spend time obsessing over small samples. The Yankees came into their last series hoping to take at least two from the worst team in baseball, the Phillies. That really wasn't ridiculous to ask. The Phillies have a dreadful offense, and the Yankees were facing Kevin Correia and Sean O'Sullivan in the first two games. Naturally, entropy took hold. They lost by a score of 11-8 and 11-6 in games one and two, and then they beat up one of the best pitchers in baseball in Cole Hamels in game three. Exactly the opposite of what we thought would happen.

Now, the Yankees will go west to face the Astros, the team embodiment of entropy. Even though Fangraphs projections view them as a true talent .508 winning percentage team, they enter today 42-32 and atop the American League West. The Yankees will face off against the team's ace--Dallas Keuchel--tonight, and he enters this affair with a 2.35 ERA and the third best WARP (by Baseball Prospectus' DRA) in baseball. He's good! So just like I have said before, I fully expect for him to be done after two innings after allowing eight runs. Adam Warren will get the start for the Yankees, and he's hoping to pitch himself on to a more permanent rotation spot. Here's to hoping that his good fortune continues.

The game will start at 8:10 PM EST, and you can watch on, YES, or MLB Network.

Comments of the Day


This actually happened, so this will 100% go down. I swear.


Luckily Ivan Nova was actually excellent, so crisis averted (until next start when he allows more than three runs and every fan and sportswriter wrings their hands until they fall off).




Walking Dead, Season Six.


Of all the possible puns to be made on the day of Nova's return,  this is the best one.


Presented without comment.

GIF of the Day


Nova is super, without a doubt.


I will be using this GIF multiple times a day.

Honorable Mod Mention


The HMM goes to Matthew Floratos, because his piece on Johnny Cueto's Instagram was AMAZING.

Fun Questions

  • What's your first sports memory, baseball or otherwise?
  • When the Yankees aren't on, what is the first team you try to watch?

Song of the Day

Dream Lover by The Vaccines. As of late, this has been my jam.

The Yankees go on at 8:10 PM, so you can use this as your open thread for the afternoon.