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New York Yankees vs. Miami Marlins: CC Sabathia vs. Mat Latos

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Will tonight be the night for #ARod3K?

"Shhhhh, I'm tapping into the eye of the tiger..."
"Shhhhh, I'm tapping into the eye of the tiger..."
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Yankees and Marlins finish off their weird four-game home-and-home series tonight as the Yankees try to end it with a tie at two games apiece. CC Sabathia will face Mat Latos, but the story tonight is Alex Rodriguez, who is just three hits away from the 3,000 Hit Club.

Will A-Rod reach 3,000 hits?

Will he celebrate being two away by running out to shortstop and tearing a Derek Jeter jersey in half?

Will Yankee Stadium actually acknowledge it or instead just note that the player on base scored his 1,067th career run?

Lastly, for the love of Mo, what will happen if he homers? Please let all of the above happen.

Tonight's game starts at 7:05pm, and you can find it on YES, Fox Sports-Florida, or

A-Rod celebrate

Today's Lineups

Dee Gordon - 2B Brett Gardner - LF
Adeiny Hechavarria - SS Chase Headley - 3B
Christian Yelich - LF Alex Rodriguez - DH
Giancarlo Stanton - RF Mark Teixeira - 1B
Marcell Ozuna - CF Brian McCann - C
Jeff Baker - DH Carlos Beltran - RF
Justin Bour - 1B Didi Gregorius - SS
Donovan Solano - 3B Stephen Drew - 2B
Jeff Mathis - C Mason Williams - CF
Mat Latos - RHP CC Sabathia - LHP