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Yankees 2, Marlins 12: I say we forget that this game happened

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Yeah, I don't even know.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This game did not go well. Nathan Eovaldi was bad and was chased from the game before the first inning was over. For the second straight game, the offense didn't do much, although at least today, it didn't really matter. The Yankees got crushed 12-2, dropping their second straight game to the Marlins. But at least they didn't give up as many runs as the Phillies or Rays.

The game got off to the worst possible start for the Yankees. After Eovaldi got the first out of the inning, a series of singles loaded the bases. Marcell Ozuna then added a fourth straight single, scoring two runs. Justin Bour would add yet another single, scoring another run. At this point, I got bored about writing the continuing succession of Marlins' hits in the first inning, because they didn't stop. After allowing eight runs on nine hits while recording just two outs, Eovaldi was pulled from the game. Chris Capuano came in and finally ended the first inning with the Yankees down eight runs.

Capuano did an alright job for a couple innings after that, but the Yankees' offense had no real response. Somewhere around the fourth inning, I got distracted and started to try and anagram all the Yankees' players' names because not much was happening. Anyway, eventually the Marlins scored more runs. In the fifth inning, Capuano put two runners on before being removed from the game. Chris Martin came in and promptly gave up a massive home run to Giancarlo Stanton, which will happen. That made it 11-0 Miami.

In the top of the sixth, the Yankees finally got on the board. With two outs in the inning, Didi Gregorius kept the inning alive with a single. After Mark Teixeira walked, Brian McCann snuck a single past the shift, scoring Gregorius and cutting the Marlins' lead to a manageable ten runs.

An inning later, the Yankees cut into the lead even more. Stephen Drew reached base when drew a one-out walk. Two batters later, Garrett Jones singled, moving Drew to third. Mason Williams then added a double, scoring Drew and making it 11-2. The comeback was on!

Okay, maybe it wasn't. Jose Ramirez, who had pitched a decent seventh inning, would come back out for the eighth. After a couple hits and a walk and some outs, JT Realmuto singled to score a 12th Marlins run.

The Yankees had one last chance at a 10 run comeback in the top of the ninth. They fell just 10 runs short as the Marlins completed a 12-2 win over the Yankees. Oh well.

Tomorrow, the Yankees and Marlins will play again, only this time it will be at Yankee Stadium. The two teams are coming up for a two-game set starting tomorrow. Michael Pineda will get the start for the Yankees in the first game.

Box score?