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New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles: Adam Warren vs. Mike Wright

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Can this trend of following up long winning streaks with long losing streaks stop now? Please?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

These Yankees, man. We're only about two and a half months into the 2015 season and they're already one of the streakiest teams I've ever watched. They've had 10 winning or losing streaks of at least three games and it's not even the middle of June. In their most recent act of weirdness, they won a season-high seven in a row prior to the painful 11-inning loss on Wednesday and they haven't won since the streak. A loss today to the division rival Orioles would clinch a Baltimore sweep and give the Yankees a four-game losing streak.

Know what would be cool? Not that. Help us, Adam Warren. You're our only hope, especially with the bullpen providing about as much comfort lately as a peanut butter and chainsaw sandwich. Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann are both being given the day off after the night game, so the lineup has Garrett Jones/Stephen Drew hitting fifth and sixth. Keep your beers nearby.

Thankfully, the Yankees actually avoided the obnoxious 8,000th Sunday Night Baseball game this week, so they'll be starting action against the O's at 1:35pm. You can catch them on YES, MASN, or whatever method your neighbor uses while you peer in through their window. I'd advise against the latter, but... you do you, I guess.

Today's Lineups

Brett Gardner - LF Manny Machado - 3B
Chase Headley - 3B Jimmy Paredes - DH
Alex Rodriguez - DH Adam Jones - CF
Mark Teixeira - 1B Chris Davis - 1B
Garrett Jones - RF Nolan Reimold - LF
Stephen Drew - 2B Travis Snider - RF
Didi Gregorius - SS J.J. Hardy - SS
John Ryan Murphy - C Ryan Flaherty - 2B
Mason Williams - CF Caleb Joseph - C
Adam Warren - RHP Mike Wright - RHP