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Community Poll: Are you happy with the draft?

What do you think of the newest group of (hopefully) future Yankees?

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Draft wrapped up on Wednesday, and now the Yankees are deep in the process of trying to sign some of these young ballplayers they picked this week.  Unlike last year, the Yankees actually had some early picks - in fact, New York had two picks higher than their first pick last year (#55, where they picked Jacob Lindgren) at number 16 and number 30.  With these two picks, the Yankees chose two college players: at 16 they snatched up right-hander James Kaprielian out of UCLA, and at 30, they took San Diego shortstop Kyle Holder.  Kaprielian was ranked 19th in the country coming into the draft, and he should have a high floor, hopefully having the stuff to move quickly through the system.  Serving as UCLA's ace for the past two seasons, Kaprielian posted a 2.03 ERA this year while leading both his team and the PAC-12 with 114 strikeouts.  In 106.2 innings, Kaprielian only gave up 33 walks and limited opposing hitters to a .226 batting average.

Holder has been described as having the defensive skills to stick at shortstop, but his bat is home to a host of question marks.  Still, having one elite skill is valuable, and it should be said that he did hit .348/.418/.482 this year, though, so perhaps there is a chance for his bat after all.

While they took high school right-handed pitcher Drew Finley in the third round, the Yankees generally stayed away from high school players in this draft, taking just two in the first ten rounds and only one more in rounds 11-20.  In the fourth round, the Yankees passed on Skye Bolt and Mariano Rivera III to take college outfielder Jeff Hendrix, which left many people scratching their heads.

Overall, it seems the Yankees were interested in taking high-floor type college players who might present a little less risk.  They especially focused a lot on college pitchers, taking 18 in the last 30 rounds of the draft.  For the full run-down of who the Yankees took in all forty of the MLB Draft's rounds, check out all of our draft coverage right here.

What do you think of the Yankees draft class this year?  Any prospects get you excited about the future?  Or did the Yankees make some big blunders?  Vote below and sound off in the comments!