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PSA Comments of the Day 4/6/15: Something important happens today

Oh right. YANKEE BASEBALL IS BACK! After a long wait, opening day is finally upon us. It's been too long.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

It has been a long offseason. Trades were made, free agents were signed, and uncertainty was the talk of the town. The old bastions of the late, great Yankees dynasty were finally no longer apart of the current roster. They shall never be forgotten. Their feats of glory shall echo in the Great Halls of Yankee Stadium as many others do. Their stories shall be etched in marble and granite and placed beside the legends of old. The history is there. It is timeless and it was magnificent.

Today begins a new chapter in the great lore that is Yankee Baseball. The feeling of postseason certainty has been greatly diminished these past couple of years. Some old faces have returned and some new faces don the legendary pinstripes. What does history have in store for the 2015 New York Yankees? It does not matter today. The future is uncertain and unknowable. There are one hundred and sixty two games to play this season. Today is game one. Opening Day. Arguably one of the greatest days of the year. Spring training is done and the regular season is finally here. Only one thing left to say.

Let's Go Yankees.

Comments of the Day

What a way to begin the first day of the 2015 baseball season. Thanks Braves. Thanks Padres. I'm pretty sure the NL East just uttered those words.

GIF of the Day

Baseball is back!

Honorable Mod Mention

Once again, the HMM goes to the entire Pinstripe Alley staff. The offseason is probably the hardest time for any writer, blogger, or just baseball fan in general. We're all happy you stuck with us during that time and we hope you continue to stick with us for this season. You help make this worthwhile and fun.

Fun Questions
  • Do you have a favorite Opening Day story? If so, please share it.
  • Who will be the first Yankee to hit a home run this year?
Song of the Day

Here Come The Yankees by Sid Bass Orchestra and Chorus

Because there is only one Song of the Day today. "They're gonna learn to fear the Yankees." As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

These open day threads will probably be more worthwhile when the Yankees start playing at night. Feel free to use this as an open thread, but please join us in our first regular season game thread of the year. It will be up at 12:30PM. The Blue Jays and their new revamped, dangerous lineup are in town. They will face Masahiro Tanaka. We're finally here, ladies and gentlemen. Let's do this.

Let's Go Yankees