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Yankees Opening Day 2015 Predictions

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Correctly predict various outcomes from Opening Day for a chance to win a Yankee Stadium poster from Ballpark Blueprints.

Yankees baseball is finally back after a long winter. The kind folks over at Ballpark Blueprints have graciously offered up three of their posters to Pinstripe Alley readers to celebrate Opening Day. All you have to do is enter our predictions contest below before the start of today's game. The three commenters who answer the most questions correctly will win the posters. No submissions after 1:05 pm will be counted.

Here is an image of the poster which details the architecture of Yankee Stadium:

You can check out the rest of Ballpark Blueprints' work at On to the contest!

1. Which Yankee picks up the first hit of 2015?

2. Which Yankee gets the most hits in today's game?

3. What is the outcome of the first at-bat of the game?

4. How many strikeouts for Masahiro Tanaka today?

5. How many innings does Tanaka pitch in today's game?

6. How many total hits for the Yankees in today's game?

7. What will be the final score of the game?

Tie breaker: Number of pitches Tanaka throws in today's game.

Good luck and Go Yankees!