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What would the Yankees' full season look like if everything continues at its current pace?

It's still early, but imagine if the Yankees kept going at their current pace?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, I don't want the Yankees to continue to play baseball at their current pace. With a 6-6 record now, they'd be on their way to a .500 record (even though their Pythagorean record projects to 95 wins). Despite that, it is fun to think of what the season would look like if the Yankees could keep playing at their current pace.

Alex Rodriguez has gotten the most attention from the media so far and with his hot start he is on pace for 54 home runs and 148 RBI despite 202 strikeouts. No Yankee has a shot at a 200 hit season, but Jacoby Ellsbury will lead the team in hits with 189. To make it worse, our catcher, first baseman, second baseman, and shortstop are all on pace to record fewer than 100 hits. Although Brian McCann won't collect 100 hits, more than ten percent of them will be triples, because he is on pace to quadruple his career triples total after hitting the team's first triple the other night. At least Ellsbury and Brett Gardner are on pace to score 121 runs each.

At their current pace, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller will complete perfect seasons, though Miller will have the more impressive season, with only 27 hits allowed. Esmil Rogers will pitch the fifth most innings on the team, with 129.2. Michael Pineda would lead the team in innings pitched with 243 despite his 297 hits allowed. Masahiro Tanaka will record 243 strikeouts, which surprisingly wouldn't have even gotten him into the top three in strikeout totals last year.

I know what a long season it is, and this team has actually looked pretty good over the last week. I find their Pythag record really encouraging, but it would be fun to see a few of the Yankees keep up their current pace.