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PSA Comments of the Day 4/19/15: Scoring runs is fun

Watching the Yankees' offense score runs is amusing. Having them score runs when Tanaka is pitching brilliantly is also pretty ideal. Let's hope they extend Pineda the same courtesy.

I like this picture of Chris Young a lot
I like this picture of Chris Young a lot
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I cannot speak for every Yankee fan out there, but I'm fairly confident that the majority of people who root root root for said Yankees prefer it when they score a lot more runs than the opposition. It's also an ideal situation to score a lot of runs when your starting pitcher, like say one Masahiro Tanaka, is pitching a proverbial gem of a game. Such occurrences lead to victory and victory is fun. I'm sure Michael Pineda, today's starting pitcher, would equally love some run support as well. The offense should provide him with some.

Comments of the Day

That commercial does not get old.

We still need clarification on Andrew Miller's warm-up song.

Pretty much.

The system always trying to keep us dow...oh wow, that is a big smile on the Brett Gardner emoji.

Bye light.

I want what Matt F is having

Always do opposite of what Thomson says.jpg

A Chris Young grand slam definitely helps to further this goal.

I say, let it sink.


Certainly a day to be remembered. I guess.

GIF of the Day

Pastor-Jet is always funny. It's also awesome after a Chris Young grand slam.

Your victory GIFs for the evening. We all trust that Darth Mahbles will have a good explanation for the lack of Victor.

Honorable Mod Mention

Harlan wins the HMM for this simple yet effective display of pungineering.

Fun Questions
  • What's your favorite type of sky? (sunrise, sunset, bright sunny day, starry night, etc)
  • How many strikeouts for Michael Pineda this afternoon?
Song of the Day

True Survivor by David Hasselhoff

I haven't quite decided on this week's theme yet. There might not be one. I just really wanted to play this song for those who haven't heard it yet. As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

Feel free to use this as an open thread. Substantial Miguel pitches this afternoon as the Yankees go for the sweep of the Rays, as well as to get out of the Trop ASAP. It's a 1PM game today, and thus a 12:30PM game thread. Join us.

go yankees go baseball