What To Do About These Yankees

With a 3-6 record, the New York Yankees of 2015 are languishing at the bottom of the American League East. While they haven't looked disastrous, they've not got the look of the a very good baseball team. Here are some suggestions on they could improve:

1. Pray hard that Jose Pirela recovers before May 1

- It's no surprise that Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius have been horrid at the plate. They are both hitting a combined .161. To shine a light on how bad they have been, both of them have 9 hits combined. Alex Rodriguez, who's 39 years young, has 8 hits on his own. Couple that with their 'stellar' defense (combined 3 errors and -2 DRS), this combo has left the Yankees with a 7 man batting order. By inserting Jose Pirela at 2B, we can banish Drew to a 2B/SS backup role. This also means we must hope that Sir Didi breaks out of his slump.

2. Dropping Carlos Beltran in the batting order

- No offense will flourish with their 3 hole hitter batting .171 with no home runs and a sub .500 OPS. Sooner or later, Carlos will start hitting again, but until then, Joe Girardi should consider dropping him in the order. Below is a sample:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)

3B Chase Headley (S)

1B Mark Teixeira (S)

DH Alex Rodriguez

C Brian McCann (L)

LF Brett Gardner (L)

RF Carlos Beltran (S)

2B Jose Pirela

SS Didi Gregorius (L)

This may not be 2009, but with Mark Teixeira swinging a pretty good bat, no harm putting him at the 3 hole. At the very least, he'll be able to draw a walk. It would also be a great time to ride Chris Young's hot bat until he inevitably regresses to the mean (Here's to hoping he swings at least .260 with about 12 homers)

3. Reorganising the pitching staff

- This is slightly trickier, as the Yankees have Ivan Nova and Chris Capuano coming back from injuries, in addition to their 5 man rotation. This could be a time to experiment with the 6 man rotation

-Masahiro Tanaka

- Michael Pineda

- CC Sabathia

- Nathan Eovaldi

- Ivan Nova

- Chris Capuano

Bullpen: Adam Warren, Esmil Rogers, Justin Wilson (L), David Carpenter, Chris Martin, Andrew Miller (L), Dellin Betances

A 7 man bullpen might leave them short, but with Warren, Rogers and to an extent, Betances being able to throw more than one inning, this could work for the 18 starts needed to test this out (Each starter gets 3 shots)

Most likely, Esmil Rogers and his 5.70 FIP lose their roster spot and Chris Capuano takes over as the swingman. This will move Warren to be the 'fire fighter' (Get out of jams while throwing multiple innings).

These are just 3 simple suggestions which could help the Bronx Bombers, who actually need a lot.

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