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What's your Yankees' wish for the 2015 season?

You can't wish for a World Series win, guys, that's cheating.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

You wake up tomorrow and a genie pops out of the lamp in your bedroom. He gives you a wish. Do you use it on the Yankees? I would think it would be better spent on something in your personal life, but lets say you do use it on the Yankees. What would you wish for? I asked that question for the PSA staff and here's what they had to say.

Q: If you were granted one wish for the 2015 season, other than a World Series win, what would you wish for?


A World Series appearance?

What should I wish for? I want Alex Rodriguez to hit 40, because I think that would lead to a World Series win. I want Michael Pineda to win the Cy Young, with Masahiro Tanaka and Nathan Eovaldi as runners up, because that could lead to a World Series win. I want Carlos Beltran to play like he's 27 again, to rock October like he did for the Astros because (even though that didn't lead to a World Series win then) I think that might lead to a World Series win.


Yanks to make the postseason. And by that I mean win the division or take the Wild Card game. Get to the Division Series, and I'll take the year as a success. Of course, this is a team that I think is built to do well once in October, so who knows, maybe that World Series win would still be in play.


No joke I've actually considered leaving school to search for the seven dragon balls in order to wish for CC Sabathia's velocity to come back.

Greg K.

The Mohegan Sun Sports Bar to just disappear and have a much more beautiful Monument Park.


Hate to sound like a broken record, but "healthy Michael Pineda & Masahiro Tanaka." Also I think it would be the greatest thing in the world if a mecha version of Mickey Mantle came back to life, co-purchased the Yankees with Jeter, and did a sitcom about it. Mecha-Mickey Boss. Get it done, world.


Playoffs. I really miss the playoffs.


For Rob Refsnyder to suddenly know what he's doing out there in the field.


Health, health, health. I wasn't crazy about the composition of the Yankees' roster the last two years, just like I'm not this year, but in 2013 and 2014, injuries prevented us from ever seeing what those teams could really do. This season I'd love to get a full array of starts from Tanaka and Pineda and 120 games or more from A-Rod and Mark Teixeira, all the while avoiding any fluke injuries that we're not anticipating.


I wish that everyone on the Yankees could hit at least .250. So far, we've seen guys like Stephen Drew, Beltran, and Didi Gregorius hit for low averages (even if it was expected for Drew and Didi). But as we've seen in the early season (minus the 14-4 win), the Yankees have trouble getting runs and hits. If I'm a Yankee fan who finds a genie, that's my one wish.

Matt F.

My wish would be for more wishes, but that's cheating, so I'll think of something else.

I'd like Didi Gregorius to settle into the shortstop role and have a good season. He hasn't started out well and that's brought out a lot of fear in Yankees' fans and I really want to wish for that to all just go away. He seems like a nice enough guy and I'd like for him to be a solid, decent shortstop in his time with the Yankees.

But if I am allowed more wishes, I'd like for a talking, anthropomorphized bear to become the Yankees' right fielder.

Those are our answers and now we want to hear from you. What would be your one wish for the 2015 season?