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What Yankees' moments do you wish were April Fools' Day pranks?

Maybe 2004 was just some elaborate prank?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not a big fan of elaborate April Fools' Day pranks. Small ones can be funny, but it seems kinda mean to pull off a long, drawn out prank on someone. But there are some things that I wish weren't true and were actually just pranks. And some of those happen to be Yankees' moments. I asked the PSA staff if they had any Yankees' moments that they wish were just an April Fools' Day prank.

Q: It's April Fools' Day. What's one thing about the Yankees' past or present you wish was just a practical joke?


I wish Kei Igawa was a practical joke. As it stands, he's just a regular joke. What a bonehead move that was.


  • Not debuting an African American player until 1955, basically setting the tone to slow the desegregation of the American League.
  • Ken Griffey Jr rounding third.
  • Mo throwing the ball into center field.
  • October 2004.
  • Derek Jeter's broken ankle.


I'm still waiting for the day the Yankees explain that Sergio Mitre's continued presence on the roster was just part of a long con.


Jeff Weaver.

Greg P.

Derek Jeter's retirement.


The fact that this 90's boy band had to break up due to contractual obligations to their respective baseball teams. How I wish it was all just a cruel joke. Seriously, this had to be one of the only PR missteps Jeter ever made, right?


Oh, only the last two seasons. I'm sure that'll be a popular answer.

I think, specifically, it's the 2013 offense that even now feels like it should be an April Fools joke. Sort by plate appearances, and third through tenth you'll not find an average hitter. Ichiro Suzuki and his 71 wRC+ got more trips than anyone not named Robinson Cano or Brett Gardner. Lyle Overbay was the 'highlight' of the pack with 86 wRC+, in fourth. If anyone thought Brian McCann was bad last year, imagine another year of Chris Stewart, with his 57 wRC+, as the sixth most regular hitter in the lineup.

I take it back, the 2013 offense was too bad to be an April Fools joke. Nobody from 2012 would actually buy it.

Greg K.

The rotation 2013 Yankees third base scenario. I try to think that it was just all big April Fools Joke.

Matt F.

Now, I am not actually as naive as this next sentence is going to make me sound. Until the press conference actually happened, I still held out some hope that Robinson Cano was not going to sign with the Mariners. I do not remotely blame the Yankees for not giving him that contract, nor do I blame Cano for taking it. When the news first came out that he was close to a deal, I remember just thinking " way" for like 20 minutes. I was wrong and he is a Mariner. Life happens.

Oh and that time Chris Stewart walked back to the dugout thinking he'd struck out after only facing two pitches.

Those are our answers, so now it's your turn. What one thing about the Yankees do you wish is/was just a practical joke?