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The very worst of Yankees picture day 2015

Elsa/Getty Images

Ah, picture day. Picture days are the worst, except when it's baseball picture day because then it's the best, even when it's still pretty much the worst. When it's so so so bad you can't stop laughing; that's when you know it's good. The Yankees recently had picture day and now the Pinstripe Alley photo editor is filled with delightfully terrible pictures of baseball players and, like we did last year, we obviously needed to share some of the best (as in worst) pictures that came out of spring training 2015:

Every picture of Austin Romine ever. Still.

I feel a bit uneasy about this Jared Burton character.

Jonathan Galvez might beat Zelous Wheeler for Best Lips.

Meanwhile, Wilking Rodriguez seems to be losing his.

Cito Culver's going to college.

James Pazos is looking like some combination of Sam Eagle and Peter Boyle.

Andrew Miller isn't very happy without his beard.

Chris Martin went as Chris Martin wearing a Chris Martin mask for Halloween.

Everything Stephen Drew is doing in this picture.


Alex Rodriguez has one facial expression.

What do you think? Who made the worst face for Yankees picture day?