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The Sandlot video: Yankees performance reviews

Some of the Yankees came together to recreate an iconic scene from "The Sandlot." How did they do?

Brian McCann stars as Ham Porter
Brian McCann stars as Ham Porter
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, a few of the New York Yankees came together to recreate an iconic scene from "The Sandlot." The movie is an all-time great and the favorite of many in the baseball world. The Yankees reenacted the scene in which the gang finds out that Smalls took a Babe Ruth signed baseball outside to play. The team pulled together an impressive performance, causing many laughs as the video went viral:

However, there was certainly room for improvement. Here is a breakdown of each player’s performance and their choices as actors:

Brett Gardner- Scotty Smalls

This role inherently calls for an awkward performance, and whether he tried to or not, Gardner played that well. His stuttering and heavy breaths echoed the normal nervous nature of Smalls. Gardner’s performance may have been the weakest of the bunch, but not because of his own inadequacies.

I do somewhat question the casting of this role. Imagine the field day the mainstream media would have with Alex Rodriguez as Smalls. The blatant disregard and disrespect of Yankee legend Babe Ruth. The borderline theft of the baseball. This seems like a missed opportunity for even more comedy that would have created itself.

Brian McCann- Ham Porter

It only seems fitting to have the Yankees actual catcher play Ham Porter, The Sandlot gang’s very own backstop. Maybe it was the catcher in him, but McCann played the role perfectly. From the looks of the blooper video, McCann took the role pretty seriously and it showed in his performance. My only hope is that he starts trash talking behind home plate as much as Ham.


Chase Headley- Timmy Timmons

Headley does a good job with a difficult role here. He has the opening lines of the video, and that couldn’t have been easy to lead off in a group of rookies. You can tell how much passion he put into his preparation. Maybe if we’re lucky, that will show on the field in 2015 (though I’m sure he won’t be batting first).

Didi Gregorius- Tommy ‘Repeat’ Timmons

Outside of McCann as Ham Porter, this seems like the best casting decision of the video. There’s something about Didi, maybe the smile or the great name, that instantly molds him to this comical role. He just seems like the kind of guy that you can’t hate and wants to get along with everyone. Maybe it’s my unrelenting and outright Didi bias, but I’m wondering if the Gold Glove or Oscar will be on his mantle first.

I must concede however, that if Ichiro were still a Yankee, I would have no choice but to put him as Tommy. Talk about a perfect fit.

Jacoby Ellsbury- Squints

Ellsbury plays a solid Squints in this scene. He only has one individual line, but it’s delivered cleanly. If the Yankees ever consider turning this into a full feature reenactment, my eyes will be glued to the screen for the Wendy Peffercorn scene. Ellsbury can handle himself in an outfield, but how about in a big time scene like that?

CC Sabathia- Kenny DeNunez

Sabathia’s days as the ace of a pitching staff may be behind him, but his opportunities on the big screen have never looked brighter. You can tell just how seriously he took the role in how much he slimmed down to get into character.

Dellin Betances- Bertram

I’m still not convinced there are things Dellin Betances can’t do on this planet. He has four words but delivers them with such ease you’d imagine he was in the original film. The poise he showed on camera has me exited for the bottom of the ninth in 2015.

Dellin shock

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