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SB Nation partners with FanDuel for MLB Opening Day fantasy baseball contest

Play fantasy baseball and win money with SB Nation's exclusive partner, FanDuel.

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"Put me on your fantasy team or else."
"Put me on your fantasy team or else."
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy sports site FanDuel has partnered with SB Nation for the second year to bring daily contests to SB Nation readers with a chance to win real life money. You can create a new team every day within the budget and compete against others for a chance at some cash. Last year, all the SB Nation baseball managers competed in a one-day battle royale that I am happy to say I prevailed in. Take that, guys. I can also confirm that I received cash money for coming out on top, so fear not.

Full disclosure: FanDuel did give me some money to play with on their site. They also gave me money for beating down my fellow blog managers.

To kick off the 2015 season, FanDuel is hosting an Opening Day contest with $6000 in prizes. First place will get you $1000 and four tickets to a baseball game. Not too shabby. There is a $5 entry fee for this contest. If you are interested in giving it a shot, click here to get started.

Here's a quick video on how to play:

No good thing comes without rules, and FanDuel is no exception. Here is a link to the full breakdown of dos and don'ts. The biggest rule is that you cannot win actual money if you live in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, or Washington. Government says so.

Good luck!

SB Nation is hosting a $6,000 one-day Fantasy Baseball league for MLB Opening Day on FanDuel. It's $5 to join and first place wins $1,000 and four tickets to a game.