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Yankees injuries: Catching prospect Luis Torrens could miss year with shoulder injury

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As of right this second, the Yankees have only lost Brendan Ryan to the injury big for a few days, but they could end up losing catching prospect Luis Torrens for even longer, depending on what the doctors say. According to George King of the New York Post, the 18-year-old is currently undergoing tests to determine the severity of a shoulder injury. Depending on what comes back, it could mean the entirety of his 2015 season.

Torrens already dealt with a shoulder injury last year when he missed over two months of the 2014 season. He struggled early on in his time with the Low-A Charleston RiverDogs before disappearing from games between mid-April to mid-June when he was reassigned to short season Staten Island after a brief rehab stint in the GCL. As an 18-year-old in the Sally League, the assignment was pretty aggressive, so you can't be too disappointed by his struggles in the small sample size. After returning from the injury, he seemed to be perfectly fine as he hit .337/.378/.500 through the end of July, though he eventually leveled off to hit .270/.327/.405 in the New York-Penn League for the year. It seemed his troubles were behind him until now suddenly things have moved in the complete opposite direction.

If Torrens were to miss the entirety, or even the majority, of the upcoming season, it would be a huge blow to his prospect status. Thankfully, he's still so young that he'd only be 20 for the 2016 season, so it's not like time is running out for him. The biggest problem would be from a severe lack of development time over the last two seasons that could ultimately hurt his abilities behind the plate in the long run. While many evaluators like him as a catcher, despite his lack of experience there, he's still going to need plenty of work to make it.

Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, and Fangraphs all rank Torrens among the organization's top 10 prospects and many believe he has overtaken Gary Sanchez, after a few years of disappointment, as the team's "catcher of the future." At one point the organization was saturated with catching talent, but now the failure of Torrens could leave the system with no promising catching prospects coming through the pipeline, other than John Ryan Murphy and Sanchez.

As of right now we don't know much of anything and neither do the Yankees apparently:

We'll see what the tests say, but as we all know, prospects will break your heart. Hopefully this one won't be too bad, even if he does have to miss the season.