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Yankees epic baseball songs

A YouTube channel dedicated to short songs about Major League Baseball players.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It has come to my attention that there's a YouTube channel called "Epic Baseball Songs." The channel consists entirely of of one minute-long songs that are dedicated to a Major League Baseball player, and some of them are pretty hilarious. The channel has 25 of these songs in total, and more than a few of them feature Yankees players -- past and present. The songs are very short, and the lyrics are pretty repetitive, but that's part of what makes them great. Here's a look at few of the Yankees-related ones.

The "Masahiro Tanaka Song" - Very Mortal Kombat-esque.

"The Jacoby Ellsbury Song" - Because maybe the most attractive player in the MLB deserves some smooth disco.

"The Ruben Sierra Song" - This one's sung to the tune of Outkast's "The Way You Move," which was Ruben Sierra's actual walk-up song!

"The Hiroki Kuroda Song" - Kuroda's ode is sung to the tune of... Danza Kuduro. Because Kuroda sounds like Kuduro, I guess?

"The Derek Jeter Song" - Also check out the other Derek Jeter Song.

"The Chase Headley Song" - This joint proves that no one should mess with Chase Headley.

Although its not a Yankees-related song, this one's my personal favorite: "The Matt Kemp Song," accompanied by the smoothest of smooth jazz.