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What Yankee could play all nine positions in one day?

Michael Pineda playing shortstop could be fun.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Will Ferrell took part in some spring training games in Arizona, playing all nine positions in one day. It was for charity, so no matter what you think of Ferrell, I think it's difficult to be against the event. (And as Yankee fans, we have no room to talk after Billy Crystal signed an actual minor league contract and played in a spring training game seemingly just because he wanted to.) So for this week's Pinstripe Q&A, I asked the PSA staff what Yankee they would like to see attempt the feat Ferrell completed.

Q: After Will Ferrell made appearances in some spring training games last week, what Yankee would you like to see try and play all nine positions in one day?


Dellin Betances. Because him squatting behind the plate would entertain me.

In terms of who do I think could do it, based on athletic ability, I bet Mason Williams is as good an athlete as there is on the team.


I'd love to see Tex play all 9 positions. That way he can really experience the terrible field conditions he's already complaining about, and really have his cover story ready for explaining his .220 batting average this year. Maybe he can join NYCFC too and play for them while he's on the DL for us.


Now that his playing days are over and we don't have to worry about him blowing out an ACL shagging flies, I'd like to see Mariano Rivera get to show off that athleticism everyone always talked about.


I think Dellin playing all nine positions would be kind of hilarious. Can you imagine a Dellin shortstop? Dellin diving for balls in center field? Dellin having to crouch to catch? It would be glorious.


I mean, if Nunez were still on the team...

I guess I'd have to go with Mark Teixeira. That way, it could be the subject of a future episode of Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira which CANNOT LEAVE OUR LIVES!!!


See, if Ronnier Mustelier was still around, he'd be the perfect answer. It would be hilarious. Of the current roster though, there's something about the idea of "Didi Gregorius, catcher" that amuses me.


If the Yanks need to win this game, I'm going to go with Brett Gardner. I don't know if he'll pull it off, but he's got the athletic ability and the gritty/gutty-ness to make a valiant attempt.

If it's spring, Alex Rodriguez, by a hair over Teix. It may end in disaster, but it'll be fun to watch. Plus, the headline factor here is off the charts. Evil Alex, trying to steal everyone else's job, showing up the entire organization. This is even if he did it at the Yankees request and raised millions for charity, of course.


I feel like Robinson Cano (former Yankee, I know) could've actually done that just because of how smooth he looks at all times. But I feel like I have no choice to go with but to go with Brendan Ryan. He seems like the one Yankee that would have a great time playing every position. Maybe his generally happy disposition is because he's just glad to be on an MLB roster, but you can't knock his hustle.

Matt F.

I would love to see Brian McCann try and play some other positions. I know catcher is generally the position where things could get the weirdest and we would miss out on humor there since that's where he plays, but still. Imagine McCann chugging to try and track down a ball in center field. Or him playing shortstop and coming 12 feet short diving on a ball up the middle. And a shout-out to Mike Zagurski, who is the answer if we include all-time Yankees.

Those are our answers, so now lets hear yours. What Yankee do you want to see play all nine positions in one day?