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PSA Comments of the Day 3/11/15: Godzilla vs. Cashman

Hideki Matsui is returning to the Yankees as a special adviser to Brian Cashman. I just couldn't pass up a chance for that headline.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Godzilla has returned to the Bronx. It was announced yesterday that Hideki Matsui is going to join the Yankees front office. Godzilla will be a special adviser to GM Brian Cashman. He will be imparting his hitting wisdom to the Yankees' minor league teams. It's hard to think of a more perfect role for him and overall it is good to have him back on the team. Welcome back to the Bronx, Matsui.

Oh, and the Yankees lost yesterday. We're doomed.

Comments of the Day

Alex Rodriguez is always to blame. Never forget that.

GIF of the Day

We get some interesting comments here on Pinstripe Alley.

Word on the street is that this is what pitchers see when Greg Bird is at the plate.

The Yankees lost. Abandon ship!

Honorable Mod Mention

No one wins this. Sorry Mods.

Fun Questions
  • Hideki Matsui is back to advise minor league teams on hitting. Which minor league team should Matsui head to first?
  • You're at an Italian Deli. What kind of sandwich are you ordering?
Song of the Day

Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

I was originally going to post another Led Zeppelin song today, but then the news of Hideki Matsui broke and well, I didn't have much of a choice on today's SOTD. Besides the player, I am a huge, huge fan of Godzilla movies. Why, I could do a whole theme week based solely on those soundtracks. Perhaps. As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. The Yankees will play the Red Sox at 1PM. The game will be televised on the YES Network. Meanwhile, we shall have a game thread up at 12:30PM for you to partake in. Join us. Can you do any less?

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