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Yankees February 2015 approval poll: GM Brian Cashman

How are you feeling about Brian Cashman's work?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of last month, Caitlin surveyed Yankees fans to see what they thought about GM Brian Cashman. Monthly GM polls have produced some intriguing results throughout SB Nation, so we figured it couldn't hurt to bring the idea to Pinstripe Alley as well. In the poll on January 28th, 72% of Yankees fans approved of Cashman's off-season moves, and 28% did not.

Not much has gone in Yankeeland since the last poll, but it would still be interesting to check the pulse of Yankees fans regarding Cashman. The news was more about who the Yankees did not sign; James Shields ended his off-season of silence and signed with the Padres. However, the most attention was paid to Cuban phenom Yoan Moncada, who signed with the Red Sox. Whether or not that actually reflects on Cashman though is unknown because shortly after the news broke, some writers revealed that Hal Steinbrenner limited how much Cashman could spend on Moncada. As far as actual Yankees transaction news, the only information of note was the list of spring training non-roster invitees. The non-prospect names there are unlikely to make much of an impact in 2015, but you never know. (Reliever Jared Burton was also added to the list of NRIs when he was signed shortly after the list was announced.)

So how are you feeling about Cashman at this point? About the same as last month? Do you think he could done more to sway Hal's checkbook? Do you think it's good that they maintained some payroll flexibility by not inking the the 33-year-old Shields to a four-year deal or making a big commitment to a 19-year-old who remains a bit of a mystery? Regardless, let us know by voting in the poll! We'll revisit the results next month, when spring training will finally be at an end.