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Which player do you want to be the Yankees' Valentine?

Which player do you want to fall madly in love with the Yankees?

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Baseball is largely a business. As much as we think that players are totally following their hearts in choosing which team to sign with, it would be tough to argue with a giant pile of money. But if there was a way to override that giant pile of money and get any player you want on the Yankees, who would you want? I asked that question to the PSA staff in a Valentine's Day-themed edition of Pinstripe Q&A

Q: This coming Saturday is Valentine's Day. Which available, or possibly soon-to-be-available, player do you wish Cupid could strike with an arrow, causing him to come to the Yankees?


Yoan Moncada, naturally. Wouldn't mind if Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw decide to demand trades to the Yanks either.


I just took a look at the impending free agents for next year, and I think i want them to go after Doug Fister. I've always liked the way he pitches, and he'll be 32, so probably not going to get a ton of years.


Everyone will say Moncada, so instead I will say Bryce Harper. Hey, he's a free agent... in a few years. What? No, YOU'RE being unreasonable.


Could we strike a group of wealthy and competitive billionaires to become silent partners instead, with a stray arrow or two for the director of the farm system? Give me a Mike Ilitch level of investment in the major league roster with an Andrew Friedman talent for building the minor league pipeline, plus a little willingness to lower ticket prices in the grandstands.


I'll go international on this one and say Shohei Otani, the 20-year-old Japanese pitcher who had a 2.61 ERA and 179 K's in 155 innings for the Nippon Ham Fighters last year. Oh and he also played the outfield and had an .842 OPS in 200 plus at bats. His comments in 2012 suggested that he sees NPB as a springboard to MLB, so hopefully he'll push getting posted sooner rather than later.


Moncada is the obvious answer, but a less boring idea is Brady Aiken, who the Astros drafted with the top overall pick of the 2014 MLB Draft. He didn't sign because they basically found out that his UCL (the ligament for which a tear requires Tommy John surgery) was smaller than usual, thus making him a health risk. The Yankees have a compensation pick from the White Sox, so I say they should take a chance on Aiken with one of their picks if he is still available. With the other pick they should be more conservative and take the best defensive shortstop on the board.


I'd love for the Yankees to somehow end up with Johnny Cueto. He'll be a free agent next offseason, and he'd give the Yankees a great young top three of Cueto, Tanaka, and Pineda. The only problem is he'll probably cost a lot, but I'll just hope Cupid hits him with an arrow and he signs up with the Yankees for a huge discount. Hey, the offseason is for dreaming, right?

Matt F.

This week, I would like an arrow to hit the already mentioned Moncada. If we're talking for the long term, I would be okay with David Price getting hit with an arrow and falling madly in love with the Yankees. And if that love leads him overboard and he's willing to sign a contract for like $12 and a pizza, that would be cool too. I just hope that Cupid is accurate, because we don't need it hitting Joe Nathan and him demanding a trade to New York.

Those are our answers and now it's your turn. Tell us in the comments what player you would like to fall madly in love with the Yankees.