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PSA Comments of the Day 2/6/15: Talkin' Homer

It's Friday. On Friday's, the Yankees usually like to do something. Hopefully that something they do is something we like. Pitchers and catchers report in "Sweet Lou" Pinella days.

Al Bello/Getty Images

It's Friday, which means the Yankees might actually do something. That something might still be signing James Shields or Yoan Moncada. Or perhaps Brian Cashman will use his ninja skills and pull off a trade of some kind. There's also the possibility that nothing happens and we go about our day with the Yankees staying quiet.

Comments of the Day

Michael Brown beating the Mike Stanley drum. Perhaps it's a Mike thing.

Admittedly, when I think of underrated Yankees I think of Willie Randolph.

Seriously, what is it with the Yankees and second baseman?

We gots jokes!


GIF of the Day

There were no blue'd GIFs yesterday. Sorry everybody, it looks like there will be no Christmas this year.

Honorable Mod Mention

John Beck's underrated Yankees post received the most comments, both blue'd and un-blue'd, so he wins the HMM.

Fun Questions
  • It's 2-3AM, you're out, and you're hungry. What's your go-to meal in this situation?
  • Better way to settle an issue: Coin toss or Rock Paper Scissors?
Song of the Day

Admittedly, I was tempted to put the Simpsons version, Talkin' Softball, as the Song of the Day. Oh look, I linked it anyway. Oh well! As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Hopefully you have some fun plans for the weekend.

Mattingly, get rid of those sideburns!