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Are there any other Yankees who should have their numbers retired?

Can't wait for Brett Marshall's #70 to go up in Monument Park.

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The Yankees have had a very successful history. Because of that, the Yankees have had a lot of incredible players who are deserving of recognition. In American sports, retiring numbers is the most popular way for a team to do that. The Yankees are no exception, and, for better or for worse, they have retired a lot of numbers. Some may scoff at that, but I say go further. Why not? And for this week's Pinstripe Q&A, I asked the PSA staff if there was anyone else they would like to see honored?

Q: Now that the numbers of Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte have been retired, who is the next person who should get that honor? Or: who was so bad that they should have their number retired so no one else has to deal with the bad luck of that number?


Alex Rodriguez has been one of the best players in franchise history. He's also well and truly turned his number into 'unlikely 13'. So yeah. Same answer to both questions.


Have they even retired Jeter's yet?


I don't think they should retire any more numbers until someone else has earned it, but if I had to pick one, I'd go Dave Winfield. He should be in Monument Park at least. Also, I think Wayne Tolleson and Don Slaught's mustaches should have their numbers retired.


Willie Randolph deserves more than just a plaque and Graig Nettles should have had a 9 next to Maris' about 25 years ago. Stephen Drew changed his number to 14 this season. That also happens to be the number that second baseman Enrique Wilson, the worst position player in franchise history, wore for the Yankees. If he wants to get his career back on track he probably shouldn't follow in Wilson's footsteps.


I wouldn't retire any more numbers, unless they're going to retire all the numbers as Harlan suggested.

#45 has a few bad memories. #62 has a lot of unfulfilled dreams attached. #11 has a lot of room for multiple retirees, but I think ultimately I think the current occupant won't steal enough bases to earn retirement. Go ahead, PSA, tell me I'm wrong.


Get #28 out of there. All I can think of for that number is how we knew fully well that Esteban Loaiza's one ridiculous year with the White Sox was a massive fluke but traded Jose Contreras when his value was as low as possible. People are mad about Yoan Moncada, but I'll take that over the old days of trading for pitchers who literally had one good season. Also looking at you, Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright.


Mike Zagurski's neck girth. Miss you, brotha.


After three in one year, I think the last thing I'll want to see is any more numbers retired. In terms of a plaque though, I think someone highly deserving of the honor is Gene Michael. As the architect of the best baseball team of the past quarter century, Stick was Moneyballin' it before it was cool. He built his lineup around the simple concept of "runners on base equal runs" while most of the rest of baseball was still following the Dusty Baker philosophy of "walks clog the base paths."


Well, I would imagine that Derek Jeter is the next one who will have his number retired. Just a hunch. As for the next person after that, it's a tough call. I mean, I say we should retire Brett Gardner's #11 once he retires. I don't want anyone else wearing his coveted number. Also, I'd say retire #00 for George Costanza. After all, it was under his tutelage that Derek Jeter & Bernie Williams went on to win three World Series titles in a row.

Matt F.

Aside from #2 obviously, I really can't think of anyone else I would retire that's currently in contention. And in the meantime, they should totally give #2 to like a random September call-up just to see the reaction. I'm only like half-joking about that. As for the other part of the question, the #91 is probably a good option. #64 has a humorous list of "Oh yeah, that guy"s and could probably go. But really I came away from this question thinking that the #69 should not be retired and should be given out more because I am 12 years old.

Now that you've seen our answers, it's your turn. Is there anyone else that you would like to see have their number retired?