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Who do you blame for the 2013 and 2014 Yankees' seasons?

This is all Chaz Roe's fault.

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While there are many out there that have no problem blaming various people in the organization when things go wrong for the Yankees, I find it difficult to do. When the front office acquires someone, there are probably a bunch of different reasons for doing so that we're not even thinking about. When the manager puts in a reliever we don't want to come in, the one we do might not be 100% that day even if they're available. And questioning whether players are giving their all is another argument for another day. But for this week's Pinstripe Q&A, I gave the PSA staff the freedom to blame whoever they wanted for the past two Yankees' seasons.

Q: February 13 is National Blame Someone Else Day. Since it's clearly not our fault, who do you blame for the disappointing last two seasons for the Yankees?


I blame Derek Jeter. You call that captaining?! Pfft.




Injuries seem to be a good place to start. The inconsistency over plan 189 may have made the offseasons more incoherent than they needed to be. It's probably mostly on the organizational inability to develop talent internally over the last few years. I'm just gonna go with blaming everyone involved in Biogenesis though. Plus Rob Thomson.


There is only one person, one thing, one unforgiving, unrelenting monster to blame for the last two years. The Humbler. It feeds on our misery and oils its gears with our tears. It hungers for more and one day we have to stand up to it. It must be stopped. I call on all the Pinstripe Alley writers to stand with me. Stand for pride. Stand for power. STAND FOR PINSTRIPES!!!


I blame Greg.


I blame the great injury bug of 2013, except it really started when Jeter broke his ankle in the 2012 postseason. Actually, maybe it started when Mo tore his ACL shagging balls, in which case I blame Jayson Nix for everything.


I blame Mark Teixeira's body, which used to be made of muscle and bone, but is apparently now made out of wet cotton. What injury will he have this year? Sadly, I can't pick just one. At least the injuries gave him plenty of time to work on his awkward humor YouTube that's something.


The obvious answer is A-Rod since he's to blame for everything. But between causing global warming, countless snowstorms, three separate Asian airline crashes, wars in Ukraine and Iraq and "Hot Tub Time Machine 2", I don't see how he could have had any time left over to sabotage the Yankees.

So I'll go with Hal Steinbrenner. I think he wants to win, and a $200 mil plus budget should be enough to do that, but there doesn't seem to be a clear vision for what this team's goal is. Shooting for 189 then not following through. Overpaying free agents, but not the best ones. Trying to get younger, but filling positions with stopgap veterans. You can't build anything if you're changing the design every year.


As much as I like Hal Steinbrenner's cost cutting approach, I think he deserves some blame for the last two seasons. We should've either committed to Plan 189 or just conducted business as usual. I'm pretty sure we didn't go as hard after guys like Aroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig, Zack Greinke, and Yu Darvish because we were trying to go under the luxury tax threshold. Now we pretty much can't go on a spending spree until after 2016. However, I do think the front office will get it right this time.


I'll tell you who took those seasons. It was that damn sasquatch.

Matt F.

I reality it was some combination of anything and everything, but that's not what this post is about. This is about wild, baseless accusations and passing the buck onto someone who may have only partially have had a negative impact on the Yankees' past two seasons. Which is why I'm putting the blame squarely on the feet of Eury Perez. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, EURY.

So those are our answers and now it's your turn. Who do you choose to blame for the disappointment of the 2013 and 2014 seasons? Very excited to see what fiery hot takes await us in the comments.