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What do you think of the Yankees' trade for Starlin Castro?

The Yankees just got a shiny new second baseman. Is he the right fit?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the offseason, one of, if not the biggest, opening the Yankees had was at second base. With the trade for Starlin Castro, the Yankees appear to have filled it.

Castro will turn 26 before the start of the season and is already a three time All-Star, the most recent of which was in 2014. For his career he has hit a pretty decent .281/.321/.404 with a 94 wRC+. He did take a step back at the plate in 2015 however, hitting just .265/.296/.375.

Castro doesn't come cheap. He is also owed $38 million through 2019. Despite the All-Star pedigree, some might argue that is too much for someone who might be on the decline. However, if he rebounds, he could fit nicely in the Yankees' lineup.

For their part, the Yankees gave up Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan. No offense to the Ryan family, but I'm not sure any Yankees fans will be having sleepless nights over losing him. Warren is the big piece the Yankees gave up.

The Yankees drafted Warren in the fourth round in 2009. He made his debut in a spot start in 2012. He made some more appearances out of the bullpen in 2013, before becoming a fixture in 2014. Due to injuries, he started the 2015 season in the rotation and had pretty good results. As starters returned, and Warren neared an innings total higher than he had ever pitched, andhe was moved back to the bullpen. He continued to pitch pretty decently out of the pen for the remainder of the season.

Warren put up decent numbers in his Yankees' career, but it's hard to argue that he was or was ever going to become an important piece of the rotation. If Castro plays up to his potential, giving up someone who is generally thought of a as a fourth or fifth starter might be a decent bargain.

This move likely fills the second base slot that plagued the Yankees for much of 2015. While some people thought a combination of Rob Refsnyder and Dustin Ackley could fill that and perform admirably, neither is that proven on the major league level. Both had some success in pinstripes in 2015, but Refsnyder's was in just 47 plate appearances, while Ackley struggled in his years with the Mariners.

Now that we've discussed the trade, we want to hear from you. Is Castro at second just what the Yankees need? Was Warren too much to give up? Did the Yankees just get a steal? Is Brendan Ryan going to win the batting title next season and become the true gem of this trade? Vote in the poll and let us know your thoughts.