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PSA Comments of the Day 12/7/15: Meetings about Winter

The Winter Meetings roll on. Snow, ice, the cold, and other winter matters are sure to be under discussion.

Do you want to build a ballcluuuuuuuuuuub?
Do you want to build a ballcluuuuuuuuuuub?
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

With the first day of Winter a mere fifteen days away, meetings have come about to discuss the Winter solstice. There are plenty of questions for the future. Will we have a lot of snow this year? Is black ice just a myth? Why are plows? The Winter Meetings will be sure to cover all of this and more. Hang on. I'm being told that these meetings are actually baseball related. Even better.

While the Winter Meetings may be about baseball, we are still not sure if it will have any impact on Yankee Baseball. Cashman and the Yankees are not looking at any free agents and they apparently need to be blown away by an offer to even consider trading some of their big names. Meanwhile, the Royals are close to signing Joakim Soria to a three year deal and strengthening their bullpen even more. A lot has changed for the Royals since Soria was last on their team.

The Tigers are looking at Mark Lowe for two years. The Nationals and Jonathan Papelbon are not getting along well, so he might be on the move soon. The Dodgers are possibly signing Hisashi Iwakuma for three years. There is also a rumor floating around that the Marlins might be willing to move Jose Fernandez for some incredible package. That'd be nice. Get it done, Cash.

Comments of the Day

You have no idea how happy this thread of comments made me.

To this day I will never understand the concept behind declaring that you're leaving a website, comment section, blog, etc. because you're unhappy. Why not just leave? Why must said departure be announced?

GIF of the Day

Hooray for winter!

Honorable Mod Mention

Shah wins for writing an article that led to that comment thread that got the COTD. It was like old times on PSA.

Fun Questions

  • What would you offer the Marlins for Jose Fernandez?
  • Brett Lawrie at second base. Yay, nay, or Fire Cashman?

Song of the Day

Freddie's Dead (Theme from Superfly) by Curtis Mayfield

It's Got To Be Funky week on Pinstripe Alley. Hey hey! Such a fantastic, funky song. Besides Superfly, I always loved that the first season of The Boondocks had this as the theme for A Pimp Named Slickback. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Really, why are plows? Also, do something Yankees!