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Yankees non-tender Domingo German

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last night at 12:00 AM was the deadline for MLB teams to determine who they would be offering contracts to for the 2016 season and who they would be non-tendering. Of course, being the Yankees, the team didn't announce their decisions until today. They have decided to non-tender pitching prospect Domingo German, removing him from the 40-man roster and making him a free agent.

Signing with the Marlins before the 2010 season, German was the prospect that was acquired alongside Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones last offseason. He was acquired with the knowledge that he might require Tommy John surgery that year and after some rehab time, the right-hander ultimately went under the knife. He spent most of the 2015 season on the 60-day disabled list, but had to be moved back onto the 40 in preparation for the offseason.

He was ranked as the club's seventh-best prospect on's 2014 list, but he never pitched a single minor league inning for the organization. At 23, he still has plenty of time to recover and make something of his career, but his time with the Yankees might not be over yet. Like they did with Slade Heathcott and Vicente Campos before him, the Yankees will likely try the old release and re-sign move they like to do so much. Teams are likely not going to be barging down his door at the moment, so things should work out between the two sides.

With the news about German, it can be safe to assume that all their arbitration eligible players will be tendered contracts. Justin Wilson, Adam Warren, Nathan Eovaldi, Michael Pineda, and Didi Gregorius were all obviously going to stay. There was at least a non-zero chance of Dustin Ackley being non-tendered, if they planned to go after another second baseman, but Ivan Nova seemed like a good candidate to not get a contract. In the next few days we should be hearing about deals between these players and the Yankees in order to bypass arbitration hearings. The team's 40-man roster now stands at 39 and could line them up to actually make a selection in this year's Rule 5 Draft.