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What is on your Yankees Christmas list?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Tis the season to hop on a stranger's (in this case, Hal Steinbrenner) lap and tell them exactly what they can give you to make you happy this holiday season. Now is the time to put in your request to the writer of Yankee checks for the best Christmas gift of all to ensure that he doesn't end up getting you socks, or re-signing Brendan Ryan or something.

My list would probably start with a starting pitcher. The free agent market for that has sailed, so this is going to take some creativity and a trade. I don't trust Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, and CC Sabathia to stay healthy, so that leaves Nathan Eovaldi, Luis Severino, and the stuff of nightmares to try and fill in when one of the aforementioned ends up on the DL. I don't support that. Bring me a pitcher, Santa Steinbrenner.

Another gift I wouldn't mind seeing under the tree is a better option than Pete Kozma for backup third baseman. Sure, the position doesn't matter a whole lot now that Chase Headley instead of Alex Rodriguez is manning the hot corner. Still, Kozma is a lot like Ryan, and that is bound to make him a leading candidate for 2016 hate vessel. I'm not asking for an All-Star here, I'm just asking for someone who has good reason to take a bat to the plate. Please?

Perhaps my biggest wish for the Yankees this holiday season is one that Santa Stein probably can't give me, and that's for assurance of a healthy season from A-Rod. Pretty much his entire 2015 campaign was the stuff of legends, and I'd love nothing more than to watch another season full of A-Rod dingers. The people need it.

While we're getting greedy here, I'd like Hal and his elves to give me more Greg Bird in 2016. I know that this probably only comes at the expense of Mark Teixeira, so sorry Tex, but Bird is my favorite. Your time is almost up and, as helpful as you were last season before your leg broke, I'm kind of ready for a change in the form of more Bird. It's not personal. You probably like watching Bird homers as much as the rest of us, right?

So what will you be asking Yankee Santa for this Christmas? Hopefully he makes all your dreams come true and more.